Monday, August 25, 2008

Blueberries Blueberries Blueberries

This past week I decided to stop by a local fruit stand - Stanley's. Sometimes I do really well there - the prices are often terrific - and sometimes not so much. It is the type of place that is hit or miss and you have to use some of the veggies immediately to prevent spoilage. This week I did find some wonderful fresh baby spinach that was loose (SO much better than pre-packaged) and some beautiful scallions - 3 bunches for $1.oo!! Also for sale was a huge clamshell of blueberries.

My kids love fruit, so I figured this would be great - I wash it up - they eat it - etc... While they did eat a whole lot of it, there was quite a bit left over and it looked like it was going to go bad. So, I came up with an easy salad and dressing to use it up - was terrific!

Spinach salad with blueberry dressing

2-3 cups fresh baby spinach washed well and dried
2 scallions, chopped
1 cup fresh blueberries
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes

Salad dressing
2-3 tablespoons of blueberries (smoosh them a bit in a cup)
Juice of one lemon and about 1 tsp of the zest
3-4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp dijon mustard (I use Maille - it is the best... but any other kind will do)
1/2 cup good olive oil

Toss salad ingredients together. Mix together salad dressing ingredients except for olive oil
. Drizzle in olive oil while whisking.

Right before serving, toss a bit of the dressing with the salad - or serve the salad and put the dressing on the side for people to dress their own salad.